Artist Statement

Color can be powerful when it defines, enhances, and unites to create and occupy space.  A bold palette, balanced structure and uncluttered compositions are core values in my abstract work.  My bodies of non-objective work consist of two different mediums; mixed media prints and carved, painted wall objects.  Both originate from printmaking and celebrate the uplifting nature that color and shape can bring to our lives. They are focused on vivid color with a strong connection to architecture. This reflects my minimalist principles and embraces my gravitation towards order.


My works on paper and three dimensional wall objects, utilize color and form to offer the viewer a chance to immerse themselves into abstract other - worlds. The process manifests with one hue, which leads to a dance between their relationships with variations in shape, line and composition.  Without a preconceived outcome, I work till the print or painting reveals itself.  These harmonious and minimal aesthetics are a means to counteract and reduce the chaos and uncertainty in our world today.